SPARKS Lil’ Beethoven (Fullfill/Universal)

Sometimes the public gets what it deserves, always moaning about the lack of cutting edge music around, yet invariably lapping up the same old stuff. Most bands seem happy to reinvent the past, yet there is an old act reinventing the future.

Thank God for Sparks!

Make no mistake, Lil’ Beethoven is bang on it: inventive, dramatic and smart, full of ideas, and, like Mr Beethoven, they a thing about tunes. Every track has its own agenda, little narratives concerning such topics as isolation (‘I married myself’), the hell of corporate customer service (‘Your Call Is Very Important To Us, Please Hold’) and faux, ‘urban’ culture (‘Suburban Homeboy’). Other highlights include the vaudeville beauty of ‘My Baby’s Taking Me Home’ and the dramatic ‘How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?’

Each track plays like a movie running through your mind. This music is the perfect cinematic accompaniment to 21st century living. Roll over Beethoven.

Tony Bartolo
October 2002

Post Author: snazmusicadmin