Republica – Under the Bridge. 29th May. 2015

Republica make triumphant return to London with a touch of the old and new.

We’re just mad about Saffron and she seemed rather keen on the hospitable crowd down Chelsea way at the rather state of the art Under the Bridge. Whisper it lightly but today was Ms Spracklings 47th birthday and what a birthday party it was. Given a rapturous welcome as Republica walked on stage the hardcore following delighted in belting out “Happy Birthday” greetings at will and often. What was apparent during the 90 minute set was how exuberant and energetic Republica were and how refreshing the old and new material sounded. It is truly amazing to think that there is over a 20 year gap and yet the combination of new material truly merged well with past glories. Starting off with “Bloke” “Rush Hour” and “Out of the darkness” Saffron was determined to get the place rocking, constantly bouncing around the stage, a mixture of Poly Styrene verve and ice cool Siouxsie but totally being herself was a joy to behold. No faceless moodiness from this lady, constantly cajoling the audience, sharing a deep and genuine warmth and appreciation to the loyal following was something special.

Once “Drop Dead Gorgeous” entered the set there was no going back and everything shifted up a gear a “Ready to go” just accentuated the sheer power and energy within the room but thankfully and positively this was no stroll down memory lane as Republica 2015 still have a lot of coal in the fire. New songs “Christiana Grey” and “New York” are a worthy testament and if this is the sound of modern day Republica then the future looks bright.

Reviewed by Mya Green | Pictures by Tony Bartolo

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